Using Travelers Cheques and Travelers Cheques Cards in New York City

Using Travelers Cheques and Travelers Cheques Cards in New York City

Travelers Cheques and Travelers Cheques Cards offer convenience and security

Personally, I think Travelers Cheques are most useful for use as an emergency fund. Most travelers will get the best rates and most convenience from using ATMs to access money during their visit to New York City.

Travelers Cheques

  • Travelers cheques issued in American dollars are accepted at many large stores, restaurants, hotels and more.
  • You can convert your American Express Travelers Cheques into cash with no fee at anyAmerican Express Travel Office.
  • Travelers Cheques issued in other currencies will need to be exchanged for cash — you can’t spend them directly at stores and restaurants.
  • You will need to present photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.) when paying with a Travelers Cheque.

Travelers Cheques offer protection against loss or theft.
Popular Sources of Travelers Cheques
American Express Travelers Cheques – can be issued for a single user or for two users.
AAA Travelers Cheques
Visa Travelers Cheques
Preloaded Travel Cards

This fairly new option affords you the preferable exchange rates available for ATM/credit card use, but with the security of Travelers Cheques.
There is typically a charge for issuing the card, as well as a minimum deposit. The issuer also normally charges for cash withdrawals at ATMs.
Preloaded travel cards are available from American Express, Thomas Cook, AAA and Visa.
Travelers Cheques Tips for International Visitors

Cheques issued in US Dollars will be more convenient to use once you arrive in the United States.

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