Life A Play That Revolves Around Time

Life: A Play That Revolves Around Time.

By Esther Nmuta Chikere


A woman conceives and at her due Time bear a Baby.

A healthy baby at the right Time is up and running around the house within a year. Baby learns to laugh, eat, walk, talk and sometimes begin to read at age 2. The parents are elated with Joy , they’ll probably show off their baby’s reading skill to all that care and those that don’t care as well.


At ages between 2-3 years, Baby gets into a Playgroup; next is Kindergarten. At 4-6 years, he enrolls in a primary school.


Our Child graduates primary or 6th grade at 12, next his Junior high

Here comes EXPECTATIONS of

* Great Grades in School Work

* Athletic and Talents exhibition

* Career Choice and Life Path

* Returning Love by showing care to Parents and other family members

* Staying off the streets and other hazardous side attractions like Drug, Late night outings, Alcohol and Bad Influencing hangers-on.

* Preparing for College by working on obtaining Scholarships.

*For Ladies, avoiding Sex, as it’s obviously a setback to your Career today.

* Boys avoiding Sex as becoming a Dad at 13 is not what you want to experience.

* Doing everything possible to ensure you graduate High school with your Certificates within your Teenage years.

* Remember the Lord your God in your Youth.


This way you have made PERFECT use of your early years and have something to show for your TIME so far in life.


Young People; Read this, study it and meditate on it. Because you want your activities to count and your Time to be judiciously accounted for.


I pray divine wisdom rest on you as you meditate on these words.

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Life A Play That Revolves Around Time. Make Good Use of Your Time

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