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How To Update The Software on Your Apple Watch

Just like your iPhone runs software called iOS,  runs its own softyourApple Watch ware called Watch OS. The software is responsible for how your Apple Watch operates, and controls most of the functionality and even the security of your Watch.  Similar to iOS, Apple will routinely offer updates to Watch OS that offer improvements of some kind of that fix bugs as they come up. It’s important that you keep your Apple Watch’s software up to date, to make sure you’re not only getting the most from your Watch, but also that you don’t have any issues with bugs or security problems that Apple has already discovered and corrected.

Unlike your iPhone, which allows you to download and install software updates right on the device, the Apple Watch needs a little help to get its updates.

Apple Watch software updates are initiated through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Like updating the software on your iPhone, however, the process is exceptionally easy and shouldn’t take very long.

In general, it’s always good to start any software update, be it for your Apple Watch  or iPhone, when you have a little time to spare and can live without using the device for an hour. The software update shouldn’t take that long, but occasionally updates can take a bit of time, or you can run into a snag that requires you to perform the update over again. It’s always best to start the process when you’re not rushed, and you can just let the device update. So, right before you go to work is probably a bad idea, but after dinner while you’re settling in to watch a movie with the kids is a grand idea.

Here’s a rundown on how to update your Apple Watch when you’re ready:

1. Charge your Apple Watch.  You never want to start an update on an empty battery. Plug your Watch in and make sure it’s at least halfway charged before you begin.

Leave it connected to the charger throughout the process.

2.  Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

3. Select the “My Watch” tab from the bottom of the page, and then select “General”

4. Under the General menu you’ll see a  label for “Software Update.” If there’s an update available for your Apple Watch there will be a number beside it. When you tap into the Software update menu and there’s not an update, the app will tell you that your software is up to date and let you know what version of the Watch OS you’re currently running.

5.  Tap on “Software Update” and then “Download and Install” on the page

6. When prompted,  enter your iPhone’s passcode and agree to the Terms and conditions

7. Tap the Install button on either your iPhone or Apple Watch.

8. Wait while the update downloads and installs on your Apple Watch. Your Watch will reboot once the software has been successfully loaded.

That’s it! For now, most of the Apple Watch software updates will be pretty small upgrades to the existing Apple Watch software. In the Fall, however, Apple plans to launch Watch OS 2.0, which will bring a significant amount of additional functionality to the wearable.

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