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Free Antivirus

Antivirus software doesn’t have to be a luxury. Following are the best free antivirus for Windows and Mac, plus other free antivirus tools to keep you safe online or off.

Avast! Mobile Security

With a market flooded with a variety of mobile antivirus applications, it can be overwhelming when selecting a solution that is good for you. Should you pay for a security solution or download a free alternative protection app? A free antivirus mobile solution that provides great security features is avast! Mobile Security.

With avast! Mobile Security, you can protect your tablet and your Android phone. avast! Mobile Security comes with the following features:

Antivirus — avast! Mobile Security Antivirus provides on-demand scans of every installed app you have on your device, as well as memory card content. It also scans newly downloaded apps when you first execute them. You can customize the antivirus tool to schedule routine scans and perform virus definition updates. You can also configure your antivirus to delete suspicious files and uninstall unwanted apps.

App Manager — If you’re familiar with Windows Task Manager, then you’ll feel right at home with avast! Mobile Security App Manager. The App Manger displays a list of your device’s running apps and their respective size, CPU and memory utilization, and the number of threads and services. With App Manager, you can stop or uninstall apps that are being executed.
Privacy Report — This neat feature provides you with a report of all access rights attempts as well as intents of installed apps. This information gives you an idea of how much info you’re providing to each app.
Web Shield — You can inadvertently install malware on your device by clicking link that will land you on a malicious website. Web Shield, which is part of avast!WebRep cloud, scans each URL that loads on your device and warns you if the URL points to an infected website. This tool helps you make informed decisions when clicking on unknown links that can be malicious.
SMS/Call Filtering — Just like most mobile antivirus apps, avast! Mobile Security provides an SMS/Call Filtering feature which allows you to filter calls and/or messages from a contact list. You can configure the tool with parameters based on certain days of the week and the starting and ending times you wish to have the filter applied.

Firewall — The firewall feature provides good protection and attempts to stop hackers from compromising your mobile device. The firewall will disable an app’s Internet access if it considers it malicious and stop it from exposing your private information.
avast! Mobile Security also includes the following new features:

avast! Widget — The avast! Widget works like shortcut for your antivirus app. You can launch your antivirus by simply accessing the status bar on your phone’s desktop.
Network Meter — Using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, you can see how much data transfers in and out of your mobile device. This tool is helpful when you want a quick snapshot of your data utilization based on date, month or year. The Network Meter feature also gives you direct access to App Manager so that you can make any necessary tweaks to your apps.
Web-based Control — With the Web-based Control feature, you can control your device’s Anti-Theft options via avast! Account web portal.
SiteCorrect — The SiteCorrect feature enables auto-correct, which will correct your misspelled URLs. This is a great tool because many cyber criminals will intentionally create URLs that closely match legit websites due to the fact that many people will mistype the URL.
The avast! Mobile Security app provides a solid security solution for your Android mobile device. It defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware, and spyware. The above only highlights the main features that are provided by avast! Mobile Security. For a list of additional features

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