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Jewelry & Accessories: Jewelry, Sunglasses, Belts, Hats & More

Jewelry & Accessories: Jewelry, Sunglasses, Belts, Hats & More

Whatever your style, complete your outfits with the perfect bracelets, wraps, earrings and more. From the latest styles to classic pieces for your wardrobe, learn how to accessorize your look – for less.

Where to Shop for Fashion Jewelry

No look is complete without the right jewelry. Luckily for those of us on a budget, great fashion jewelry doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Check out these top stores for shopping the latest in fashion jewelry trends – at prices you can afford!
1. Target

What You’ll Find:
The latest trends, for a song. This is the place to go for trendy bangles and dangly earrings that you don’t need to last for years.
Shopper’s Tip:
Shop online for a greater selection (and avoid the dangled racks of jewelry you’ll find in some of the shops).


2. Banana Republic

What You’ll Find:
Classic, more grown-up jewelry, as well as some quality trendy items. The higher quality means higher prices, but there is generally plenty in the $20-$50 range in stores and online.
Shopper’s Tip:
Shop online for the most selection of sale items, and also get free shipping on orders over $150 (at any combination of the Gap stores).


3. H&M

What You’ll Find:
Racks of seriously cheap, on-trend pieces.
Shopping Note:
H&M remains strictly a brick-and-mortar vendor – write and complain!

4. Claire’s

What You’ll Find:


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