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My grandparents’ love story

2 years ago

By Caring Across member Peter Miller It wasn’t until I took the time to really get to know my grandparents that I realized theirs was ...

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Aging Well: The Choice is Ours

3 years ago

Aging Well: The Choice is Ours Aging well is a choice for most people. The decisions you make, your habits and your lifestyle all affect ...

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Making the Most of Visitation

3 years ago

Many divorced fathers are faced with the reality of visitation- an often negotiated, mediated and all too brief time they are able to spend with ...

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Making Joint Custody Work

3 years ago

Five Keys to Succeeding at Joint Custody Divorcing fathers in the United States are seeing more and more the availability of joint custody with their ...

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Keep Close To Home As a Divorced Dad

3 years ago

Why Divorced Dads and Moms Shouldn’t Move A recent study by researchers at Arizona State University documents what many fathers have always known intuitively: that ...

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3 years ago

My name is Rachel, and I have a list. It’s called Good Moms Don’t. You have one, too. In full disclosure, I will share my ...

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3 years ago

Dear First-Time Parents, I’ve been where you stand (or probably more accurately where you rock/nurse/sway). I remember the barrage of emotions I felt as I navigated those ...