Mother and Twins

These women Like Sarah Of Old; Gave birth To Healthy Babies At Old Age.

It’s a every young girl’s dream to grow up, fall in love, get married and have her own kids. The women here are no different. But because life and time happens to us all differently, their wishes to become mothers came when mortal man would call late or too late as in their time, some were already termed Grannies or impossible. 
But to God be the Glory, it was their Appointed Time. They became mothers but Miracle mothers as we would say.
Our prayers and wishes for them is to live long to raise their kids and enjoy the joy of motherhood.
We rejoice with and praise God with them.
49-year-old happy mother of twins
This woman wanted to have kids all her life. However, the years went by and she remained barren. Now she praises the Lord for blessing her with twins! Her name is Mrs. Isang and she is 49 years of age. Most women cannot bear children, but this lady bore even two of them. She is about to dedicate the twins at Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victory House in Festac town, Lagos. - Easter Gifts


The family remained unhappy for over 14 years. Her husband did not leave the woman. And the Lord rewarded their patience and honored their love.

These women did the impossible. They gave birth being old


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