Life with a Southern Grandmother Making Family Memories at the Apple Orchard

Life with a Southern Grandmother

Making Family Memories at the Apple Orchard

An abundance of crisp fall air, sunshine, apples and grandkids makes for a blessed day.

by Michelle Cox

Autumn has arrived in the mountains of North Carolina where I live. The temperature has dropped, leaving behind those crisp fall days with just a hint of chill in the air.

The coolness strips the haze from the sky, leaving a sky so blue that it almost hurts your eyes to look at it and so clear that you can see for miles and miles across the mountains. The trees are dressed in their fall finery of rich gold and yellow, bright orange and red, and deep burgundy.

That means it’s time for corn mazes, hot chocolate and cider, hay wagon rides, and a visit to the apple orchard. I spent a glorious day there earlier this week with some of my grandchildren, buying apples and making memories. And I took lots of photos so I could invite y’all to join us!

Picking Apples with Grandma

An apple orchard, pumpkins, huge cabbages and a crisp fall day. What could make it better? Oh, grandkids!

  • Happy grandmother Michelle Cox recently visited an apple orchard with her grandkids.
 Family Memory-Making Time

Perfect fall weather, delicious apples and baked goods, pumpkins and a feast for the eyes. Add in time with my grandchildren, and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.



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