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3 Games You Can Play In The Kitchen With Your Kid To Trick Them Into Helping

mother cooking with child

Teaching your kids how to cook is always a useful life skill but can also be a way to encourage their love for food and create a tradition of family bonding. If your little munchkin is not enthused at the thought of cooking Sunday dinner with you, create a game that will make it super fun. You’ll not only finish cooking quickly, but you will also get some quality time with your little one. It’s a win for everybody!

Check out these fun games you can play with your kids in the kitchen:

  1. Gathering Ingredients Scavenger Hunt:

Have a list of the ingredients you need for your dinner ready. Give each item on the list a designated number of points. Have your kid search the kitchen for each ingredient. If they collect 10 points by the end of the list, let them stay up an extra hour past bedtime or an extra helping of dessert.

  1. Meal Prep Bingo:

This is a great way to make meal prep fun. Create a bingo board with some of your favorite foods to cook for the week and give it to your kid, along with a few bingo chips (or colorful ripped up pieces of paper) and randomly call out Bingo combinations. Once your child gets Bingo, have them say what ingredients they landed on and it’s up to you to create a meal around their “Bingo ingredients.”

  1. Cooking Reality Show

Put your director’s hat on and cast your kid in the next big reality cooking show. Have your kid be your sous chef and ask them to get you the things you need: spoons, plates, pots, parchment paper, etc. Make them feel like the star by taking video clips of them, bouncing around the kitchen. This makes for great Instagram outtakes.

These games are sure to be fun for you and your kid, so enjoy the quality time and the yummy meal afterwards.

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