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Fire has reportedly broken out at the ‘jungle’ refugee camp in the port of Calais in the hours following the terror attacks in Paris.

At around 11pm volunteers at the camp began sharing pictures of the blaze on social media.

And soon after an anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ posted videos of the inferno on Facebook.

One video appears to show emergency services vehicles arriving at the camp, which houses around around 6,000 migrants – mainly young men from Syria and North Africa.

Calais refugee camp on fire

Calais refugee camp on fire

It’s not known whether the fire is connected to the attacks in the French capital.

In recent days tensions have been increased in the camp, with migrants frequently clashing with police.

Riot police were deployed to the site on Wednesday night, who fired tear gas at protesters and arrested a number of migrants.

about 100 people were killed in the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris and 40 others have died in other locations in and around Paris in a militant attack, an official at Paris City hall said on Saturday.

Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens of people in what a shaken President Francois Hollande described as an unprecedented terrorist attack.

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