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Boris Kodjoe Ask Why No One Marching for 2,000 Murdered Nigerians

While the mainstream and social media feeds remain flooded with images, stories and analysis on the massacres in Paris, activist, pastors, people, even Boris Kodjoe are asking what about Nigeria?

According to Amnesty International, there were over 2,000 civilians killed in Nigeria recently by the militant group known as Boko Haram. They stormed Baga town and went on a killing spree. Using armored vehicles, trucks, and high powered weaponry, it was a slaughter.

You would think when world leaders recently gathered to march and protest the outrageous killing in the world it would be over Nigeria, but it wasn’t.

1.5 million people joined about 40 world leaders in Paris, France to protest the killing of 17 victims that didn’t deserve to die. It was and is a tragedy but many are wondering how are these world leaders bold enough to march for 17 but silent on 2,000.

President Obama nor any high ranking official in the Administration attended the march. However, the media focused heavily on the events and provide detailed analysis.

Boris Kodjoe asked via his Facebook Page:

“Can somebody tell me why nobody is marching for those [Nigerian] victims? Any world leaders planning a trip to Lagos or Abuja this week? Too Busy? Bad flight connections?”

“Maybe it’s just me but did anyone else hear about Nigeria? 2000 civilians including women and children were massacred by terrorists this week”

Kodjoe is obviously irate over the international community ignoring Nigeria.

Are you?

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