Candace Cameron Bure Speaks Her Mind About Lamar Odom’s Recovery and What’s Really to Thank

While back co-hosting on the view this week, Candace Cameron Bure found herself speaking words she has so many times before.

During a discussion about Lamar Odom’s recovery, while the rest of “The View” hosts accredited Lamar’s unexpected recovery to Khloe Kardashian being by his side, as well as the love he received from those around him, Candace believed Lamar was given a second chance because of the amount of people who were praying for him.

“I just know that it was the power of prayer,” Candace says. “And I hope that he recognizes that too. It’s incredible.”

Host Raven-Symoné even agreed with Bure as all of the co-hosts sent a prayer to Lamar and Khloe as his health continues to improve.

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