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How To Get Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance—a Beginner’s Guide

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How To Get Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance

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Updated August 16, 2015.

If you’re new to health insurance in the United States, you’ll find it’s expensive. But, cost isn’t the only problem for beginners trying to get health insurance. It’s also a complex system with multiple entry points. Since you can potentially get health insurance from many different sources, for example, the government, from your job or university, or from a private insurance company, it’s not always clear where you should start looking when shopping for low-cost health insurance.

Before discussing your options for free or low-cost health insurance, understand one thing: health insurance is never really free and is rarely truly low-cost. Health insurance that’s free or low-cost to you means one of two things

  • Someone is subsidizing the monthlypremiums so that you’re not paying the full cost yourself.
  • The benefits have been reduced so the coverage you’re buying isn’t comprehensive health insurance; it’s less robust coverage.

Next, you’ll find several options for free or low-cost health insurance, along with a description of who is eligible, how to apply, and what to expect.

Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance Option 1

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