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Sights And Sounds Of Christmas.

2 years ago

How would you love to to enter a Party Arena, the first you accustom is this beautiful bouquet,  the beautifully arranged and sumptuous looking Sandwiches, ...

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Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast

3 years ago

  This is a nice change from the traditional roasted turkey. These delicious turkey breasts are stuffed full of mushrooms, goat cheese, bacon and more. ...

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Szechuan Smoked Turkey

3 years ago

The combination of these Asian inspired flavors will turn your next smoked turkey into something everyone will remember. After all, who said that you have ...

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Smoked Honey Glazed Turkey

3 years ago

This is an easy way to smoke a turkey. The marinade mixture is used as an injection solution and as a baste. If you bring ...

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3 years ago

33 LAZY WAYS TO FLATTEN YOUR BELLY—FAST Some people are gluttons for punishment.They’ll take on unbelievably demanding challenges, subject themselves to unbearable agony, just to ...

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3 years ago

26 BAD HABITS THAT MAKE YOU FAT There’s an old saying: If you find yourself standing in a deep hole with a shovel in your ...

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Natural First Aid Must-Haves

3 years ago

For almost every common ailment, there is a natural treatment that will help ease the discomfort and get your body back in working order without ...

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Amazing Uses for Citrus Peels

3 years ago

Citrus peels have a lovely aroma, and if you’ve ever peeled one you know that they contain a lot of essential oils. You can even ...

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Curry mit Quinoa

3 years ago

Curry mit Quinoa Heute musste ich ein wenig improvisieren. Eigentlich wollte ich ein buntes Gemüse-Curry kochen und klassisch Basmati-Reis dazu machen. Nachdem das Gemüse schon ...

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Lachs Toast mit Avocado und Korianderjogurt

3 years ago

 Lachs Toast mit Avocado und Korianderjogurt Diese leckere Variante frisch gebratener oder noch besser gegrillter Lachs zu geniessen ist einfach und schnell gemacht. Es eignet ...

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Cedar Smoked Salmon for Two

3 years ago

Simple and elegant way to prepare salmon for your next dinner together. Serve with rice pilaf and a buttery Chardonnay from Barnett Winery or a ...

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How you can have Chinese at home!

3 years ago

Time needed 15 min preparation + 20 min cooking Serving Size / Yield 4-6 servings Ingredients 1 cup Water ½ cup Orange Juice ¼ cup ...

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Foods to Eat for a Good Night’s Sleep

3 years ago

Set yourself up for sound slumber with these calming foods and beverages. Chances are, you know that eating heavy meals and certain foods can keep ...

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A Halal Turkey for Christmas

3 years ago

During the holiday season, turkeys have become one of the most popular dishes to serve in the United States. Around this time of year, I ...