Christmas dinner. Turkey breast with pork, apple & cranberry stuffing and rosemary 0

Grilled Stuffed Turkey Breast

3 years ago

  This is a nice change from the traditional roasted turkey. These delicious turkey breasts are stuffed full of mushrooms, goat cheese, bacon and more. ...

Glazed turkey breast on bed of rice 0

Chipotle Turkey Breasts

3 years ago

These turkey breasts are slow roasted and basted in a fantastic Chipotle sauce. You’ll enjoy just how tender and flavorful these turkey breasts are. INGREDIENTS ...

Turkey cutlet piccata with green beans and potatoes 0

Turkey Cutlets Piccata

3 years ago

  Not only is this a simple and elegant meal, but healthy as well.  The beauty of this dish is that it can be prepared ...

Mole Poblano de Guajolote 0

Mole Turkey Breast

3 years ago

There are few dishes I like better than a good Mole. This grilled mole turkey breastis truly fantastic and will inspire you to eat turkey ...

grilled t 0

Turkey on a Spit

3 years ago

This is a basic recipe for a rotisserie turkey. Remember that you have to have a rotisserie kit that is strong enough for the weight ...

Smoked Turkey 0

Jerk Beer Can Turkey

3 years ago

  This grilled turkey not only gets the moisture of the beer can but the great flavor of Jerk seasonings. This is a turkey that ...

german 0


3 years ago

We drive to the Allgäu and are very excited about our new organic chicken. My brother in law had hatched some chicks, without knowing whether ...

orange chicken 0

How you can have Chinese at home!

3 years ago

Time needed 15 min preparation + 20 min cooking Serving Size / Yield 4-6 servings Ingredients 1 cup Water ½ cup Orange Juice ¼ cup ...

hturkey 0

A Halal Turkey for Christmas

3 years ago

During the holiday season, turkeys have become one of the most popular dishes to serve in the United States. Around this time of year, I ...


Chicken Pilaf Recipe

3 years ago

INGREDIENTS 1 ½ cups basmati rice, uncooked 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1/2 cup unsalted ...

scc 0

Durban Chicken Curry Recipe

3 years ago

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in Botswana, which is the country directly north of South Africa. Although it is a relatively small ...

lambs 0

Lamb Shank Potjie with Beetroot

3 years ago

My fondest memories from high school involve food. A particular lamb stew comes to mind and it was always served with madombi. Lamb is the ...



3 years ago

Egusi Soup with bitter leaf Egusi Soup is a Nigerian Soup which is made with melon seeds and enriched with spices and vegetables. It can ...


Party Jollof rice Nigerian

3 years ago

This Party Jollof rice is also easy to make and if you follow the basic recipe and the steps on this page , you can ...


The Nigerian Vegetable Soup Edikang Ikong

3 years ago

The Nigerian Vegetable Soup Edikang Ikong The Nigerian Edikang Ikong soup or simply Vegetable Soup is native to the Efiks, people from Akwa Ibom and ...

bitterleaf-soup 0

Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu)

3 years ago

Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu) Bitterleaf soup is one of the most traditional soups in Nigeria. It is native to the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. How ...