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Thanksgiving Start to Finish: 6 Slammin’ Sides in a Snap

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These Slammin’ Sides are the Stars of the Show

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Turkey and mashed potatoes are the center of the Thanksgiving stage, but these sides are the stars of the show.  There is no limit to the number of side dishes that span a Thanksgiving buffet, and every family has its favorites.  While we are attached to the annual classic staples, most of us crave just a little something different to keep it interesting.  This list offers options that are just different enough — nothing too wild, but nothing too standard either.


  Another thing these recipes have in common is that they can be made in advance and reheated before serving, which is a huge help for a host preparing a lot of dishes at once.  And every host knows, the more you cook in advance, the more time you have for the little last-minute details that make holiday meals so special.  Even better, when the food is prepared in advance, the cook is free to enjoy the gathering of family and friends.

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