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Books About Rocks for Young Kids

In addition to the books we already have in our collection, we checked out over 20 more books about rocks to go along with our R is for Rocks theme. We do a lot of reading to go along with our themes, and I like to have a good amount of books in bins around the house for the kids to look

here were a few books that really stood out and grabbed the attention of my preschoolers.

Geology Rocks!: 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Earth is not a read aloud, but it is a wonderful resource. There are many activities to choose from. Some of them are appropriate for preschool, and others would be best to use with older kids. This is definitely a book that we will refer to again and again as we focus on different topics about rocks and geology in general. Some of my favorite activities that preschoolers would enjoy are:

  • Using tweezers to excavate gold (chips) from Earth (a cookie)
  • Making and comparing sugar glass and a sugar stick to learn about how rocks cool
  • Creating a sandstone sculpture with three common ingredients
  • Learning about how caves form with the candy caves experiment

If You Find a Rock tells about discovering different kinds of rocks but the classifications are different from the norm. Along the way kids are introduced to a chalk rock, a wishing rock, sifting rocks, a worry rock, a hiding rock, and more. Reading the book on its own may be a little abstract for younger preschoolers, but if you have a collection of rocks for them to hold and discuss then the book becomes a wonderful tool for learning and conversation. This is a great book to read before heading out on a nature walk. Since reading it my oldest daughter continually tells me what kind of rocks she is finding when we are out and about.

Roxaboxen is a personal favorite of mine. It tells of a special place across the road from a child’s home. It is a sand lot with old rocks and boxes , but over the years it becomes a cherished play space for the local kids. This is based on a true story. And it is a wonderful story that reminds me of the magic of childhood. We made the story come alive by collecting some small boxes, stones, marbles, and small Playmobil and Lego people. Then the kids had fun creating their own “Roxaboxen” in our sand box.

In Milo and the Magical Stones the main character lives on an island in the middle of the sea. There he discovers a magic, glowing stone. After making this discovery the reader gets to decide how the rest of the story goes as the story splits in two sections (pages are split into a top half and a bottom half). We read both versions to see how the choices the mice make impact everyone. Then the kids talked about which version they liked and why. We also talked about what lessons can be learned from the story. Older kids could also write their own endings to the story.

The main character in Everybody Needs a Rock  shares ten very specific rules for finding a rock, not just any rock but that one special rock. This is a fun story to read before going out rock collecting.

There were also a few books that I wanted to include. The books in the widget below might be useful if:

1) You have a preschooler who is particularly intrigued by rocks and wants to know more.

2) You are teaching kids of different ages and want to study the same theme at the same time.

3) You like to have extra books on hand to help research questions that come up during your theme. (I like to be able to show the kids how to find the answer to a question they ask.)


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