Will They Accept Your Degree?

Not all degrees are equal. Once you’ve earned a certificate or degree, your options depend a lot on what kind of accreditation your school was granted. Before beginning classes at any school, check to make sure the school will meet your expectations and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Different people have different motivations for taking classes online. If your goal is simply to learn for your own enjoyment, then choosing a non-accredited institution may be a fine option.

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However, if your goal is to get a better job or transfer to another school, it is essential that you choose a school that is accredited by the proper associations. Comparing the following options will help you make the choice that is right for you:

  1. 1. If your school is accredited by the proper regional agency, your degree will be accepted pretty much everywhere.
  • • Employers will accept your degree.• Most schools will accept your credits through transfer.

    • Your degree is equivalent to a degree granted by a traditional college.

2. If your school is accredited by theDistance Education and Training Council, your degree will be accepted by some and rejected by others.

  • • More employers are beginning to accept online degrees.• Some traditional colleges will accept your credits, others will not. In a 2001 study, two out of three DETC students who tried to transfer credits to another institutions were successful.

    • You may need to prove the legitimacy of your degree to others. However, this is still a valid option

3. If your school is accredited by aprofessional organization(such as the American Library Association), your degree will be honored by those in your profession.

  • • Employers in your specific field will accept your degree.• Some traditional colleges will accept your credits, depending upon both the school you took them through and the professional organization.

    • Your degree is equivalent to degrees granted by traditional schools accredited through your professional organization.

4. If your school isnot accreditedor is accredited by an agency that is not accepted as legitimate, your degree will be rejected by most employers and schools.

  • • Most employers will not view your degree as valid. You may need to provide evidence to prove that your education is legitimate.• Generally speaking, traditional colleges will not accept your credits.

    • In most cases, your degree will be considered inferior to degrees granted by traditional institutions.

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