This Police Officer Bought A Meal For A Homeless Man, But Then His Department Gets THIS Call…

This officer does his part. He works diligently to keep the streets safe, and looks out for those who have fallen on hard times. One night, Deputy Matt Holman came across a homeless man who was down and out. He went up to him and started talking with the man. He wanted to offer him his help, if he needed any. He asked him some questions and the down and out man opened up to him.

The officer, touched by his story, wanted to do something for him. He wanted to show a man, who had been ignored and cast out, kindness. He wanted to show him there’s love, hope and possibility out there for everyone. He bought him a meal, and even helped the man secure something he couldn’t get on his own.

Watch the incredible story, and see what this man did after he received help from the officer. People are calling this story a great act of kindness, but in my book, it is more like a miracle.

Watch This Beautiful Story…

This is so powerful, when I heard the voicemail, it brought me to tears. You never know when the smallest act of kindness is strong enough to change the trajectory of someone’s life forever.

God bless this officer, Amen!

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