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    The Subject Of Spirituality

    Still On this subject of Spirituality:

    For every human released on Planet Earth, God has blessed with innate resources for sustenance all through the life duration. Whatever that is (Gift, talent), the productivity and profitability would depend on the hannessment and management of such gift. Ability to stay under the right spiritual atmosphere (Anointing) because, staying under dark clouds invoked by evil manipulation has a way of thwarting people’s destiny.

    The devil REALLY HAS NOTHING TO OFFER TO ANYONE; Except Deception, Manipulation and Lies.
    I’ll break this down.

    Can anyone tell me why the People must sacrifice their Mothers, sisters, loved ones, wives and children before the devil can give his so called blessings?

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    There are people, ritualists cannot use, because their destinies cannot work for others but themselves. Yes this is true.
    The devil takes your wive’s destiny and hands it over to you and maybe slaughters the poor woman. You go home rejoicing the devil has made you rich. Liiiiiiiiiies. He ONLY STOLE from somebody to hand to you. Because the devil is no ones grandfather, would still come back to you to demand more blood.

    The reason why it’s different with God is that: God is a creator. He can and does create Life, He creates wealth, he creates newness.
    If there was no wealth in your lineage and God decides to bless you with wealth; He is well able to create wealth.

    God is a creator
    The devil cannot create AN ANT.
    He only uses the knowledge and power that God didn’t withdraw from him after the fall. That’s all the devil has some knowledge and some power and he does a kill with it; but create money wealth, it’s all lies.

    God’s people we should know the difference that the God we serve is all Powerful, whatever he gives is pure and permanent. No matter how many of your loved ones you hand over to the devil, he never stops demanding until he comes for your soul. Remember he’s no one’s grandfather.

    God formed man and breathed his breath into his nostril, therefore God is your rightful father, he has his life in you, therefore pities for you.

    The devil never formed Jack and does not have his breath in you, he’s God’s enemy and wants to hurt God through you.

    The consistent enemy of your father is your enemy and if he cannot get to your father, would have joy in taking you out.

    So people know the truth as it is the truth that truly sets you free.
    God is all you need and he is the ultimate satisfaction to all your hearts’ desire. Stay with him and him alone.

    In the Name of Jesus.

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