Kuwaiti Royal Prince: Abdullah al-Sabah RENOUNCES ISLAM, Declares Faith in Jesus Christ

A Kuwaiti royal prince has reportedly renounced Islam and given his life to Jesus Christ, according to media outlets in the middle east.

Abdullah al-Sabah, a member of the royal family, recorded an audio clip and released it on satellite TV saying this:
“First of all, I fully agree with the distribution of this audio file and I now declare that if they kill me because of it, then I will appear before Jesus Christ and be with him for all eternity. I will accept whatever they do to me, because the truth in the Bible has guided me towards the right path.”

Although there are close to 450,000 Christians in Kuwait, less that 300 of them are citizens. Current government statistics show that over 96% of Kuwait’s population is Muslim and according to the country’s constitution, “Islam is the official religion of the country and Sharia is the main source for legislation”.

As is common in countries where Sharia law is practiced, leaving the Muslim faith is viewed as an act of apostasy and can result in harassment, abuse, family rejection, abandonment and even death.

Best estimates for 2015 reveal that around 100 million Christians face some form of governmental persecution around the world. Islamic extremism is the primary cause of Christian persecution in 40 of the top 50 nations that are known for religious violence.

Abdullah continued to comment on the danger of his conversion by speaking about the recent surge of Islamic violence across the Middle East:

“Islamic communities have always wanted to attack in different parts of the world but God has preserved the world and still protects it. This is why we have recently seen disagreements appearing among Islamic groups who are now fighting with each other. They are about to divide further into different groups.”

Unsurprisingly, government sources in Kuwait are denying that this story is true, claiming they’ve never heard of the prince and are unfamiliar with any high-level conversion of any member of the royal family.

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