Katherine’s Story: God Saved My Friend From Suicide

Katherine’s Story: God Saved My Friend From Suicide

God Intervenes in a Suicide Attempt By Sending a Stranger
Updated October 13, 2015.

Katherine tried to cast God aside but he kept calling her back. Little did she know, he would use her in a big way. Her prayers and dedication to her friend in a time of need helped prevent his suicide attempt. Katherine’s incredible story gives us assurance and confidence that God is on our side, always listening to our prayers.

God’s Calling

I’ve been in and out of God’s path all my life, but after I started college I became very distant. I thought, “I don’t need him, I can make myself happy. I have a boyfriend who loves me, and being a Christian is so much work!” But I realize now that I do need God and I want to finally have a relationship with him.

Let me tell you why.

It started after I downloaded an app called “Your Move” by Andy Stanley. It has many episodes of him speaking the Word of God. He talks about the Bible but also includes life lessons that can help anybody–even non-Christians. As I listened to his messages, I began to find everything he said relatable to my life.

I realized I was not on a right path and that I needed God. I was in tears when I listened to his lectures and I started to pray to God. One day, I started to pray and cry and CRY. I asked God for forgiveness and to help me, to lead me closer to him, and show me what he has in store for me.

After this, I prayed to God every day and felt super thankful for everything! Good things were happening–I got a call for a job interview, I received a random $600 in my bank, God gave me a new friend when I was feeling lonely, and he has helped me get on better terms with my mother. I was grateful with how life was treating me and I knew God was doing it all for a reason.

A Friend Calls Out for Help

However, the point of my story is that God cares about me and all of us. It started when I got a call from a close friend who is in the army stationed in North Carolina. I usually help him when he is going through a rough time but this time it was really bad.

He was crying hysterically to the point where I couldn’t understand a word he said. He was telling me of his depression and how he wanted to end his life. I tried talking some sense into him, but he didn’t care to listen. He calmed down after I made him laugh and said he would call me in an hour. I told him I would be there for him.

After our conversation, I couldn’t concentrate on my homework because I was worried for him. I started to pray to God to help him. I told God that I knew there was a reason why my friend called me, but I didn’t know what to do or say. I asked God to give my friend strength and to help me figure out what to do. I kept praying and crying and asking for forgiveness and direction on how to help my friend.

As I prayed, I started to feel warmth all over my body. I knew God was near me and was hearing my prayers. After my prayer, I sent my friend a message assuring him that he will be okay because God had a plan for him, that God made me his friend to help him in hard times like this, and that he shouldn’t worry.

Suicide Attempt

My friend then sent me a scary message saying, “I am sorry but I can’t, I will always love you and I want you to know that you will always be my best friend…” followed by a photo he posted on social media saying, “This is it. There is nothing to hold me back now.”

I was terrified and called him but he was not answering. I messaged another friend who said he received a message saying, “It is time. I have a last gift for you.” We didn’t know what it meant. I kept praying to God to help him; to take away his pain and the suicide thoughts, but I felt like I was not doing enough.

Suddenly, I realized my mom was at church service and that she could help. I sent her a message asking her to have the whole church pray for my friend Jose because he was feeling suicidal and not answering the phone.

I resumed calling my friend over and over again and sent him many messages. Finally, I got one reply, so I called him and he answered. He sounded like he was driving and told me, “Don’t worry about me… you don’t need to worry about me anymore.” I explained to him how he was loved and he would be okay, but he didn’t listen. He told me he couldn’t promise that he’d call me again because he wouldn’t be here anymore–then he hung up.

I started sobbing and asking God to stop him from hurting himself. I received a text message from my mom saying “Okay, we prayed for him. Don’t worry. He is going to be okay.” At that moment I left all my worries in the hands of God. I had faith that my friend would be okay, so I went back to doing my homework.

An hour later I got a call from Jose. This time I answered calmly. As soon as he said, “I’m so scared but I can’t go back now,” I started to worry again. He told me he was on a bridge and had jumped a fence to get there and he was about to jump off. I didn’t know what to say except, “Please don’t do it. Go back to your car and sit down and talk to me. Please… you are loved by so many people. I prayed for you. You are going to be okay.”

He kept saying, “I’ve gone too far to go back now. I’ve jumped out of planes many times, I can do this.” I was terrified I would be hearing his last breath.

A Stranger Sent From God

I kept praying, “God, help him!” Soon I heard a man’s voice on the other end. A stranger who was walking by saw my friend and asked him, “Are you okay?” My friend answered. “Yes, I’m okay.” The man must have started to walk away because I didn’t hear him anymore. I pleaded with my friend to stop what he is doing and go talk to that man! I was crying, thinking he would jump, but then the man came back! I heard him ask my friend questions. I knew he was near to help him!

My friend was sobbing, not answering the man’s questions. But I heard the man grabbing him and pulling him from wherever he was. He asked my friend for his name and then picked up the phone and asked me and I told him. He told me his name was Ricky and that he was going to take Jose to a hospital.

I know this man was an angel God had sent to grab my friend and stop him from jumping. There is no way it was a coincidence that a random man was walking at 10:00 PM in the area where my friend was about to commit suicide. God is the only one that has perfect timing for situations like this.

God Is On Our Side

I cried and felt so overwhelmed. I now know that God does hear my prayers and those of the whole church that helped pray. I talked to my mom after I told her the good news and how God also helped  me see that he has a plan for me, too. She said God is not only calling out to him but also to me. He is using me to help my friends and he wants me to follow him so I can help speak his Word to my friends.

I was never so certain that God was on my side until that day. I will forever remember the day that God saved my friend’s life and used it to remind me to have faith. Only God can make miracles like these happen.

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