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    The Secret of Joy: Psalm 126

    3 years ago

    Josh Moody | Senior Pastor of College Church Wednesday, January 14, 2015 331 331 Shares Spurgeon was once criticized for putting too much laughter into ...

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    10 Essential Truths about Christian Giving

    3 years ago

    Ligon Duncan | Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals Wednesday, January 21, 2015 958 958 Shares Very often, people ask or wonder “what are the basic biblical ...

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    Praying for God’s Will in Your Life

    3 years ago

    Praying for God’s Will in Your Life When your purpose aligns with His will, then you can live up to your greatest potential. by Pablo ...

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    Bible Verses on Laziness

    3 years ago

    Laziness is something that hurts each of us.  There is a huge difference between being lazy and resting, because laziness means we’re ignoring important things ...

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    7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

    3 years ago

    Sloth is a deadly sin that tends to sneak up on us.  While most of us hear the word sloth and either think of a ...

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    6 Reasons Why Rest Is Important

    3 years ago

    Just because you’re a teenager, that doesn’t give you a reprieve from needing to rest.  Your body and mind just like everyone else’s, and that ...

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    Laziness vs. Rest

    3 years ago

    One Takes You Away from God, The Other Toward Him We live in a busy, busy world, where people seem to think that, if they’re ...

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    4 Bible Stories about Sibling Rivalry

    3 years ago

    And What We Can Learn from Them. It’s sometimes hard to get along with our siblings, and sibling rivalry can go much further than a ...