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Careers in Advertising & Public Relations

Ever want to improve the way ads run on TV? Or the radio, the ‘net or on billboards? How about helping manage the rollout of new products and working to improve the perception of those products by the media? If these possibilities interest you, then you could be well suited to jobs in advertising or public relations (PR). The core activity is to take a product whether it beSnapple or Caterpillar heavy machinery and construct promotional campaigns that get people excited about the product. On the PR side you will help to manage the perception of the products. Of course, PR jobs are about much more as well. PR firms help companies, non-profits and governments manage everything from speeches and the look of brochures to major crises. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where PR and advertising are different. These days, in fact, many organizations in the business refer to themselves as “strategic marketing communications consultants.” Overstretched or not, there’s no doubt that this field will continue to change, offering tremendous opportunities to someone with an interest in the area.

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